We offer custom injection molding. We sell buckets for food and chemical industry, which optionally also labell. We are cooperating in reasearch and development withing the research project CoSiMa.


We are a partner on the research and development project CoSiMa which belongs to the (S)INDUSTRIJA 4.0, future production plants, where digitalisation and automation are being advanced.

Within the CoSiMa project an adaptive system for injection molding machine operation is being developed.
The choice of process parameters is related to the special features of a product which have to be recognized by the machine operators according to experience but nowadays the numerical simulation tools offer means to save their time and effort.
CoSiMa develops an information link between the numerical simulation of injection molding, injection molding machines and tools, where the sensors allow an insight into the production conditions.
This link is in accordance with the Industry 4.0 principles, where higher productivity and added value are strived for.